The Future of Load Management at Your Fingertips

Take the Wheel of Your Freight with Trauxit App: Upfront Pricing, Instant Booking, and Facility Ratings at Your Fingertips


Trauxit Freight App for Shippers

Managed Services

Trauxit is the shipper's choice because it offers the best-in-class technology and features that shippers need to save money and time. With Trauxit, shippers can manage their entire shipping process in one place, from load booking to payments. Trauxit also provides shippers with instant notifications on load status, departure, and delivery, as well as paperless BOLs and PODs.
Trauxit Freight App for Shippers

Carrier Network & Capacity Planning

Access to a large network of shippers: Trauxit has a large network of shippers, which gives carriers access to a wide range of loads. Real-time visibility into loads: Trauxit provides carriers with real-time visibility into loads, so they can easily find and book loads that meet their needs. Competitive rates: Trauxit offers competitive rates for loads, so carriers can maximize their profits. Fast payments: Trauxit pays carriers quickly, so carriers can get their money and get back on the road. Easy-to-use app: Trauxit's app is easy to use, so carriers can quickly and easily book loads, track shipments, and get paid.

Logistics Application

Freight planning: Trauxit’s AI and ML-powered tools can help shippers to find the best carriers and rates for their shipments, and to create optimized freight plans that take into account factors such as cost, transit time, and capacity.
Freight procurement: Trauxit’s tech-enabled shipper tools can automate the freight procurement process, saving shippers time and money. For example, Trauxit can help shippers to create and send RFPs to multiple carriers, and to compare and accept bids electronically.
Freight execution: Trauxit’s real-time tracking and monitoring tools help shippers to ensure that their shipments are delivered on time and on budget. Trauxit also provides shippers with tools to manage exceptions and to resolve any issues that may arise.